Matkailuautojen optimoinnit. Enemmän vääntöä, pienempi polttoaineen kulutus.

Fiat Ducato alustalle tehtyjen asuntoautojen / matkailuautojen optimoinnit.

Asuntoautoihin lisätehoa, vääntöä ja pienempi polttoaineen kulutus. Meiltä ohjelmat Fiat Ducato alustaisiin matkailuautoihin avajaistarjouksena 31.5.2019 saakka TARJOUSHINTA 349 eur!!!!

Norm. Ovh. 399 eur.

EPC (Engine Performance Controller) for Campers & Vans

Our new product, EPC, bases on factory ECU maps of fueling & boost to provide chiptuning-like performance and accuracy. Because of new philosophy of data processing, it cannot be used in any car, camper or van, but it is strictly dedicated to listed engines and chasis types – as maps from these engines ECUs are used for strict and precise control of performance and fuel consumption.

Different air drag force is a special parameter, that must be taken into consideration while preparing remaps for campers and vans. We have analyzed specific progress of drag force caused by unlinear increase of turbulent air drag between types of chasis and existence (or non-existence) of trailer. This knowledge gave us an opportunity to prepare setups that differ between types of chasis – alcove, semi-integrated, van and optional trailer. Optimal setup for lower fuel consumption and linearisation of acceleration needs user to select proper type of chasis and engine.

EPC Camper covers three engines: 2.0 JTD 115 hp, 2.3 JTD 130 hp, 150 hp and 2.8 JTD 180 hp. Product is NOT for other types of JTD engines or other applications (e.g. cars), as factory fueling and boost control maps used in EPC Camper are taken from campers and vans. Extracted maps and settings are used to increase accuracy of EPC response and results, but cause incompatibility to other engines and applications, than included.

Remember to select proper chasis type and engine type prior to using EPC Camper.

List of programs

1. 2.0 JTD 115 hp Alcove, integrated, van with sharp roof edge

2. 2.3 JTD 130 hp, 150 hp Alcove, integrated, van with sharp roof edge

3. 2.8 JTD 180 hp Alcove, integrated, van with sharp roof edge

4. 2.0 JTD 115 hp Low profile, van

5. 2.3 JTD 130 hp, 150 hp Low profile, van

6. 2.8 JTD 180 hp Low profile, van

7. 2.0 JTD 115 hp Any + trailer (500 kg +)

8. 2.3 JTD 130 hp, 150 hpAny + trailer (500 kg +)

You have following options:

Basic – no remote control
Remote – with radio remote controller (on/off function)
iPhone – for iPhone 4S and up (switchable programs, power and boost gauge, on/off function)
Android – for Android 4.0 and up (switchable programs, power and boost gauge, on/off function)