V-Tech valmistaa sähköautojen älykkäät kotilatauslaitteet - Soita meille ja katsotaan Teille sopiva malli.

WANT to charge faster?

EV chargers - 6kW 2-phase Type1 / Type2 or US Tesla portable charger

Accelev v2 EVSE is a processor-controlled, advanced AC wall box with features not available in other chargers. Beside of grid monitoring (power shedding) and BatteryCare™ unique charging modes it gives an opportunity to equally load 2 phases at 3-phase 400V source to give more power to the car with single phase on-board charger, and thus – to charge much faster.

It is updatable and expandable via USB port and can be flexibly completed according to customer wishes (both cables are detachable/replaceable).

We believe that Accelev v2 is the most modern EVSE home station of our times.

Standard features

- Grid monitoring (immediate load reduction while grid overload detected - no more fuse switches keeping turning off)

- BatteryCare™ - unique full charging / no full charging modes with maximum life protection for your battery

- Updateable via micro USB extension port

- Portable (some restrictions apply, see “Precautions & Installation”)

- Detachable cables (both – input and output side). Use one charger in all situations.

- 2.8 inch TFT human interface with „geek mode” - you can monitor all parameters while loading

- Overload and over-temperature protection and advanced safety solutions implemented

Charging speed

Accelev EVSE tries to optimise your charging speed and load automatically, therefore, the following situations may occur:

- Your AC network is not loaded, the car battery is not full – charging speed is maximised

- Your AC network is overloaded – charging speed is reduced by Accelev

- Your car battery is almost full – charging speed is reduced by car.

Below you can find time estimates for some popular cars, which can be used to predict charging your car from 5% to 95% state of charge. Notice, that car may charge slower or faster due to battery temperature and power supply voltage & load. This table does not cover all car models and your car is compatible even if it is not listed. Estimated charging speed in hours is presented.

Notice: If speed of charging is limited by low onboard charger amperage, Accelev still can be faster than other charger due to higher voltage operation (voltage boost). This applies especially to cars with 3,3kW or weaker onboard charger. Notice, that „16A charger” may load your phase up to full 16A, but faster, fully loaded Accelev 6kW will load it with 13A per 230V phase (230V x 13A x 2 phases = 6kW) or with 7,5A per phase only while doing exactly same speed as 16A charger does.

Geek info: 7,5A x 2 = 15A, and not 16A, but the voltage at Accelev input will stay higher due to much lower load, so powers will be equal.