Sähkö- ja hybridiautojen optimointi

NEED more range?

Range extenders, torque controllers, coast/glide mode enablers, fuel savers and many more.

What can I expect from EV Box (despite car brand)?

Basically, all these solutions are range extenders basing on lower battery current flows (for both directions: drain or charge) and lower energy usage

- It promotes more accurate drive with enhanced pedal precision for full loads

- It protects the battery from unwanted rapid burst discharge, by creating "kick down" behaviour only at the end of pedal position.

- It reduces battery wear by adding coast/glide functionality. EV car without box drains or charges this battery, but it is almost impossible to coast with zero energy usage. As battery efficiency and motor efficiency are not 100%, continuous energy flows cause thermal loss of energy. Box improves car behaviour and thanks of about 20% lower energy flow - it reduces battery temperature and prolongs its life

It is especially important in Nissan Leaf (both 2012-2016 versions and new 40kWh versions) as Leaf hasn't thermal management of battery. Using Leafbox you will quickly notice, that your battery SOH (State of Health) will stop descending or at least - slow down. It's simple: less bi-directional energy flow = less energy converted to temperature = lower temperature of battery = longer battery life.


Plug-and-play box that gives you pure EV mode up to 130 km/h and better range in EV and gasoline mode.

It saves about 1 litre per 100km.


Leaf Box is a range extender for Nissan Leaf and e-NV200. It also enables coasting (ePedal) and better regen in D. It adds about 10% to range.


Range extender, torque controller & coast/glide mode for Tesla S and Tesla X.

It adds about 10% to range.


HYbridChip for Toyota Hybrid cars & Peugeot 508RXH is a range extender and fuel saver basing on altering dynamics of load.